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PayChoice is an enterprise suite of payments and collections solution that has been specifically built to address challenges usually experienced by large corporations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), religious and educational institutions and other business entities in processing payments and collections. 
 PayChoice for Bulk Payment
PayChoice is a web-based Payment System that is complemented with Electronic Fund Transfer platform and powered by Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) Gateway. The platform enables individual and corporate organizations to conduct stress-free, error-free payments such as salary administration, payments to suppliers, contractors and other types of beneficiaries.
The Solution has an in-built Payroll Management System with User Profile Management and Second level authenticationcapabilities. Bank Administrator will be able to create profiles for their customers on the system (upon confirmation and verification, i.e. Mandate/ Signature). Unlike other payment solutions, PayChoice integration to NIBSS Platform (NEFT and NAPS) ensures that payments are done without failure. Upperlink Limited is an Aggregator to Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS). PayChoice platform can be customized for the bank to either process the payments on behalf of their customers or directly by the customer on an end to end basis.
 PayChoice Bulk Payment Processes
PayChoice Bulk Payment process involves the following;
  • Bank setting up the Client
  • Clients setting up the Users
The above processes could be modified to suit the bank and client process flows. The Solution is capable of facilitating payee data management which will include computing benefits, salaries, income taxes and other deductions and then forwarding final benefit values to the Payment Gateway (NEFT & NAPS); thereby executing online real-time crediting of entitlements irrespective of where the accounts of the intended beneficiaries are domiciled. It will thereafter print pay slips finalizing the entire process.
PayChoice [Payments] is a highly customized and flexible automated system. It handles specific tasks such as: setting up of beneficiary’s profile, setting up allowances and deductions heads, summarizing wages due, reviewing changes in beneficiary’s data, tax computation, computation of wage deductions, creating a payment register, issuing pay slips, issuing statutory/government payroll reports, payroll control, exporting and outputting to other external applications.
There are 3 classifications of PayChoice for Payment depending on the categories of Merchant you are:
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