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PayChoice is an enterprise suite of payments and collections solution that has been specifically built to address challenges usually experienced by large corporations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), religious and educational institutions and other business entities in processing payments and collections.
PayChoice for Collection
PayChoice has been developed from our flagship Collection solution, BranchCollect™. Unlike BranchCollect™ which was developed for collections of cash at Bank branches and clients’ details updated on their Portals after transactions have been posted at the bank, PayChoice™ is anchored on the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc (NIBSS) and  Interswitch Payment Gateways which are major switches being used by banks in Nigeria.
PayChoice Collection Processes
PayChoice opens up a variety of payment channels upon a single integration with a website or other in-house ERP solutions. The procedure to complete payment transactions is quite simple. On a standard integration, it usually involves the following processes:
Customer logs in to website/software to select billable items/services. After checkout, a Transaction Reference Number is generated by the website/software and sent to PayChoice.
The Transaction Reference which serves as an invoice is printed by the customer or sent to the customer by email/sms. Customer selects a preferred Payment Channel and completes his payment as required by that channel. Payment on any of the PayChoice channels are explained below:
PayChoice Channels for Collection
Customers have several options when it comes to making payments to Billers or Merchants. Below are various channels available:
1. Payments using Interswitch Payment Gateway (QuickTeller)
          These are mostly card-based transactions. Customer who wishes to use card can use any of the following channels:
  • ATM
  • WEB (
  •  POS
  •  Mobile Money
2. Payments using NIBSS Payment Gateway (e-Bills PAY)
 NIBSS electronic Bills Payments (e-BillsPay) is an account – number – based, online real – time Credit Transfer product that enables            customers to make payments by leveraging the security provided by the banks.E-Bills Pay Platform currently accepts payments from the banking    public through the following electronic channels provided by banks. 
  •  Internet Banking
  •  Bank Branches
  •  KIOSK

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