You can improve your Administrative Capacity with Outstanding Tools from Upperlink

At Upperlink, we understand that the strenght of any organization is enhanced through proper administration. So, we have developed various admistrative tools like

  • Human Resource Management Solution
  • Accounting Inventory Solution

Human Resource Management Solution

Human Resource Management Solution is programs designed to allow automated reporting and planning of an organization's workforce with the goal of improved productivity, reduction of inefficiency, and enhanced return on investmen  for the organization. It is key to any business success story. Upperlink Human Resource Management Solution is built taking all areas of HR into consideration.

Our HR solution is Rich & well packaged with features like:
1.    Self Servicing
2.    Personalized Staff Profile Pages
3.    Staff Performance Assessment 
4.    Promotion Module
5.    Training & Development
6.    Friendly & Flexible Interface
7.    Advance Reporting
8.    Time & Attendance Tracking

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