Collecting payments should never be a hassle.

Let's take out the guesswork for you.

Collections can be a daunting task with several unknowns and challenges in the way of getting your solution realised. We have solved the issues of payment for several clients who now can focus on making their businesses grow and succeed.

Payment avenues we can setup for you.

Depending on your clientele, business rules, volume and some factors you may not even be aware of just yet, the following avenues are available for collection. You could stick with one, pick a couple or use them all!

Bank Branch

The Central Mandate Management System is a service that is used for the creation of direct debit mandates of any kind of mandate, be it financial or non- financial. Features and Benefits Ability to Create other users to include: Subscribers, Banks, PSSP’s, NIBSS, Biller/ Service providers. Easy access to set up Billers on the system Easy set up of various Banks on the system Ability to self create Electronic Mandate Ability to set up of reusable Mandate Code Provides quick authentication of users Allows multiple account set up for debit purpose


Give your customers a payment option that isn't limited to time and unfamiliarity, offering them that assurance for every payment made.

Customized POS

Give your business that edge - providing your customers the ability and comfort to pay on customized Point of Sale devices integrated with your new or existing platforms.


Security and convenience are factors that your customers need and can't do without. Provide them with our solutions that give you and your customers peace of mind.