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Upperlink Banking Account Monitoring System


Welcome to Upperlink BAMS. Upperlink BAMS is a product of the Upperlink Group that is focused on bank account aggregation, Payment processing and reporting.

Our BAMS application provides you with the flexibility to manage multiple baank accounts with detailed, and accountable analysis, processes, and efficiency accross different banks.

Product Overview

Developed to help Finance/Treasury Managers in their day to day management of multiple bank accounts across different banks. It also helps to improve efficiency in treasure management, tax remittance and prevents complications posed by contemporary finance management process.

BAMS is very user friendly as it serves both mobile and desktop applications for your best experience.

Our clients trust our sense of judgment over the years to provide innovative perception to their day-to-day technological and process needs.


With our cutting edge development team, BAMS can be customized to meet our customer's requirements to match their business expectations. Here are few things to look out for in BAMS:

Transaction Report Toolkit

Account Statement

Bulk Payment

Short Message Service (SMS) / Customer Support

Unstructured Supplementary Service Description (USSD))